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A ride in the middle of the woods

Feb 19, 2022
Carona, Ticino, Switzerland
Cloudy and misty
Min 4°C, Max 15°C

The cycling

The original plan was to pedal up to Cureggia and then continue to Capanna Pairolo but the misty air and cloud made us choose another destination. With D. we decided to head to the wood in Carona.

D. already explored Madonna d'Ongero and Alpe Vicania and knew the trail. Madonna d’Ongero is an old and recently recovered church in the middle of the woods.

D. was curious to find another church that appears on the maps but he did not find it during the previous excursion. Once we left Madonna d'Ongero we headed to Alpe Vicania. After a few metres we found a sign on a cross. Obviously we decided to choose the trail that D. had not explored yet. If you like downhill this trail is really nice and simple. At the end of the trail in front of us there was the church of Santa Maria Assunta di Torello. It is surrounded by a tiny inhabited village (looks like a farm) but it is not possible to enter.

We decided to go back to the cross and to continue to Alpe Vicania. The trail is nice for downhill, but let's say it is a bit hard in the opposite direction 😜.

We began to dream about a fresh beer.

We reached Alpe Vicania but unfortunately the restaurant was closed. We had to wait for our beer 😏.

We decided to move to Morcote and make a pause at Osteria Portici. Finally our beers and an abundant and tasting late lunch 😌. Give a try the Tiramisu if you stop there 🤤!

With the belly full, probably too much 😬, we head to Lugano passing through Muzzano and Sorengo.

The cycling ended at Lugano train station.


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