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A prehistoric site in the middle of the mountains

Feb 12, 2022
Tegna, Ticino, Switzerland
Sunny, mist in the valley
Min 0°C, Max 9°C

The hike

From Locarno train station me and V. got the FART Centovallina direction to Camedo at 10:19. We reached Tegna at 10:32 and from the train station we began the trail to Castelliere that we reached about after one hour.

Castelliere is an archeological site dating back to the Neolithic and inhabited until the Middle Ages. The main building has a squared shape and it was surrounded by defensive walls and towers. From this position it is possible to have a view of Maggia and Melezza rivers up to the lake Maggiore.

The funny part of the hike was when two small beings (also called children 😜) joined us during the take of videos. They were curious about the drone and shared with us their experiences and stories with small drones and helicopters (with a touch of fantasy). Soon the discussion changed topic and we begun to talk about ... poop 💩. On the ground there was poop of wild animals so they started guessing which animal its belonged to. Curious about that, I asked where they learned it, and they answered me: "At school! We read the Book of poop!".

So, we discovered the existence of this book (if you search on the web you will find a lot of children's books about this topic) and after the poop lesson we continued our hike heading to Oratorio Sant'Anna.

At Oratorio Sant'Anna we enjoyed sun bathing together with lizards while we had lunch. After lunch we went back to Tegna to get the train. Doing this hike during the winter is a pleasure because the entire trail is always kissed by the sun.

A lizard enjoying the sun
A lizard enjoying the sun


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