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Monte di Comino

Expect the unexpected meeting fluffy llamas

Feb 26, 2022
Verdasio, Ticino, Switzerland
Min -1°C, Max 11°C

The hike

From Locarno train station me and V. got the FART Centovallina direction Domodossola at 09:53. We reached Verdasio at 10:25 and from the train station we began the trail following the yellow sign on the other side of the street.

Compared with the hikes I did in the previous weeks I observed more green vegetation and insects. After less than an hour the panorama began to be fantastic.

A glimpse of the trail
A glimpse of the trail.
Palagnedra lake
The lake of Palagnedra seen from the trail.

The ascent to Comino was really pleasant: the trail goes up slowly and gives us the time to appreciate the nature around us.

A speckled wood enjoying the sun
A Speckled wood (female)

About at 12:30 we reached the church of Madonna della Segna. Time to refill our water bottles. In the opinion of V., the water sources close to churches are better than other sources you could find along any trail.

The Church of Madonna della Segna
The Church of Madonna della Segna

We continued our excursion towards Comino. The sun was shining and warm and our bellies begun to request food 🤤

We leaved the church and after about 5 minutes we found in front of us a fluffy llama 😍 for a while we did not listen our bellies distracted by these quiet and beautiful animals. We enjoyed their company sitting in front of them in silence: only the sound of nature and some funny sounds of llamas.

After we said to them "see you again soon", we continued looking for a place to have lunch. Even if the sun was warm some wind gusts were really "fresh". We stopped at the rock tables of Alla Capanna restaurant that was still closed. Once we recharged, we reprised the hike and reached the cable car area where we stopped again to take some aerial shots and enjoy more sun 😌

At 14:00 we began the downhill to Verdasio but this time using the trail that passes through Slögna. Some segments of the trail were covered by leaves and required more attention in order to avoid injuries. Even in this part of the trail there are a lot of beautiful glimpses to admire.

Blooming flowers of blackthorn
Blooming flowers of blackthorn (Prugnolo)
Blooming flowers of primrose
Blooming flowers of Primrose (Primula comune)
The wooden bridge close to Slögna
The wooden bridge close to Slögna

The hike ended at 16:05 when we arrived at the train station of Verdasio. Absolutely a hike to do again during the spring season.


Departure VerdasioArrival Verdasio
12 Km