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The hike with a touch of climbing

May 14, 2022
Cugnasco, Ticino, Switzerland
Cloudy and misty
Min 9°C, Max 27°C

The hike

It was a solo hike and for this reason I gave all the information, map and GPX track, to my friend D. Every 30-45 min I gave him my feedback that everything was ok. And if I had not called him within 18:00, he would have alerted the rescue.

The day started in Giubiasco train station. Got S20 at 07:54 towards Locarno. Stop at Riazzino. Got the bus 311 towards Bellinzona Stazione and stopped at Cugnasco Posta.

From the bus stop begins the trail. The path is steep and up to Pianelle I was in the middle of the woods all the time.

A tree along the trail
A tree along the trail

Once I reached Pianelle I was able to have a clear view of Sassariente. The feeling was to be inside a postcard.

Sassariente view from Pianelle
Sassariente view from Pianelle

From Pianelle I was again inside the wood and during the hike I spotted this amazing wood sculpture made by lumberjacks.

Wood sculpture
Wood sculpture

Some parts of the trail are really exposed and sometimes because of landslides I needed to climb some rocks. At 12:15 I was able to see the top of Sassariente and the alpine segment I had to climb.

The alpine segment to reach the top of Sassariente
The alpine segment to reach the top of Sassariente

The segment is classified as an alpine path (white-blue-white sign) so before doing it, be sure that you do not suffer from vertigo.

The sign at the beginning of the alpine segment
The sign at the beginning of the alpine segment

Once on the top of Sassariente the view was worth the fatigue. Unfortunately the day was a bit misty.

Once I left Sassariente I moved towards Monti Motti. Once I reached Monti Motti and refilled the water bottle, I noticed something moving on the surface of the small pond close to the fountain. And surprise, I was lucky to meet a barred grass snake swimming in the pond.

From Monti Motti I continued the hike and after 19 Km I reached the train station of Gordola, the arrival point of this amazing hike.


Departure CugnascoArrival Gordola
19 Km