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Lema - Tamaro

A panoramic hike up to the highest pre-alp peek in Ticino

Apr 18, 2022
Miglieglia, Ticino, Switzerland
Min -3°C, Max 9°C

The hike

The meeting point with my hike buddies, C., R., and E., was Miglieglia at 10:00. Unfortunately, because of the delayed train I missed my connection in Lugano and finally I joined them at 10:30.

We got the cable car at 10:45 and we began the hike at 11:00. The day was sunny and visibility was excellent.

Lema Mountain
A glimpse of Lema Mountain

We reached Passo d'Agario at about 12:30. Even if the plan was to have lunch at Bassa di Indemini, our stomachs decided that this was the right time to eat something. 😌

After a break of about 30 minutes we continued and reached Pòla. This ascent looks simple from Passo d'Agario but it is very long and quite hard.

At about 15:00 we reached the slopes of Monte Tamaro. Even if I did this hike a lot of times the feeling is always the same: David versus Goliath. 😱

We began the ascent and at about 16:00 we reached the top of Monte Tamaro at 1961 meters above the sea. The weather was amazing so we could enjoy the amazing panorama.

After a deserved pause we moved towards Alpe Foppa. We thought that the hardest part was behind us but ... we were wrong. 😏

A slippery segment covered by snow and ice made the easiest part of the hike really hard.

We reached Alpe Foppa at about 18:00 but the baddest news was that we missed the last cable car ride. 😱

We were really tired but there was no other option: we had to reach the train station of Rivera-Bironico by foot and we had only two hours before the sun was down.

The descent was really hard. A lot of blasphemies were said and not said 😂. Fortunately three roe deers distracted us from fatigue. We reached the train station at 20:00, just a few minutes before sunset. At the end the total length of the hike has been about 21 Km instead of the estimated 13 Km.

So, what we learned today: check the cable car timetables when we are planning the hike.


Departure MigliegliaArrival Alpe Foppa
13 Km