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Monti di Lego

The trail with an astonishing view on the Lake Maggiore

Jan 22, 2022
Contra, Ticino, Switzerland
Sunny, mist in the valley
Min -2°C, Max 11°C

The hike

With my hike mate V., from Tenero train station we got the bus 323 direction Contra, Paese. The start of the trail is exactly at the bus stop. From here the ascent is constant up to Monti di Lego.

During the ascent we met 2 boars and before having the time to get the camera they ran away. Along the trail a lot of beautiful well maintained cottages: I am fascinated by the old technique used to build the roofs.

About at 11:20 we reached Monti di Lego. The panorama with a soft mist in the valley was magical.

The panorama
The panorama

After a pause to take some shots and videos we continued to Fontai. During the hike we decided to stop in the middle of the woods to have lunch.

Fontai is a group of cottages completely refurbished in the middle of the wood with a lot of rivulets.

Following the trail we joined again the trail to Monti di Lego and we started the descent to Contra ending the hike at the same point it began.

One of the characteristics of this trail is that for the whole duration of the hike the sun is always present and during the winter this aspect must not be under evaluated.


Departure ContraArrival Contra
10.1 Km