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Visit the extraordinary beech forest inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list

Jan 15, 2022
Lodano, Ticino, Switzerland
Min 2°C, Max 10°C

The hike

From Locarno train station got the bus 315 towards Cavergno, Paese. From the bus stop of Lodano I had to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the starting point of the hike.

From the starting point to Soláda the trail was in really good condition. No pause, always climb. Along this trail I was lucky enough to see two deer but not so fast to take a shot of them.

Reached Soláda d'Zora the panorama was breathtaking and the silence was absolute: only some birds singing. It was really the peace of mind.

The panorama
The skyline from Soláda d'Zora

From Soláda to Castèll the trail was not so good. A lot of fallen leaves on the ground (sometimes came to the knees) in some exposed parts made the hike a bit stressful. I had to use the sticks to check the ground while dragging my feet to avoid covered stones and holes.

About at 13:00 I arrived at Castèll and, believe me, the small group of cottages is really beautiful. Unfortunately it was already in the shadow and the absence of direct sunlight made the temperature really cold even if the altitude is only 800 metres.

The river and the ice
The river and the ice in Castèll

After a pause to take some shots and videos I left Castèll towards Lodano. Even along this trail some segments were covered by fallen leaves that came to ankles and really close to Castèll I found a fallen tree. In addition, I had to be really careful about pieces of ice that fell down to the ground from the rocky walls.

Ice on the rocky wall
Ice on the rocky wall


During the winter the trails are not maintained so it could happen that some segments are a bit difficult and require a lot of attention. In particular I found

  • fallen leaves up to the knees between Soláda and Castèll in some exposed segments
  • fallen leaves up to ankles between Castèll and Lodano in some exposed segments
  • tree and falling ice from the rocky walls between Castèll and Lodano


Departure LodanoArrival Lodano
9.2 Km